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About Behaviour Problems Lessons Courses Expert Witness Work Fees

There is no charge for a quick chat on the phone about your horse's behaviour or a client's horse's behaviour.
Anyone is welcome to call without obligation.

Vets, Veterinary Physiotherapists, SMS Saddle Fitters, Registered Farriers and staff of animal Charities and Welfare organisations are welcome to call me for informal second opinion on any aspect of horse behaviour without obligation and in complete confidence.

Challenging behaviour in horses and equine behaviour problems which cause concern may be a sign that your horse may need to be seen by your Vet (MRCVS www.beva.org.uk or www.rcvs.org.uk), a Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist (MSCP ACPAT Registered www.acpat.org), a Society of Master saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter (SMS QSF www.mastersaddlers.co.uk) or a Registered Farrier (www.farrier-reg.gov.uk).

Some behaviour problems will indicate immediately to me that your horse requires veterinary assistance.
Where this is the case my advice to involve your vet is without charge or further obligation.


Expert Witness Work

For details of fees for expert witness work Click here.

Behaviour Assessment Visits

Where required, I can make an appointment to come and see you and your horse and assess the problem and offer practical advice with assistance where required.

Behaviour assessment visits cost £550 plus mileage charges at 45p per mile from Biggar in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Once an appointment is made you will receive written confirmation including all of the details you need to prepare for the visit. An invoice is sent after the visit along with a written report detailing the advice given and any training required.

Video Tape / DVD / Email Video Clip Analysis

No charge if copy can be kept and used for teaching and educational purposes otherwise £165 + p&p to assess and provide a written summary of my opinion.

Lesson Prices

Individual Private Lesson* at own yard or home - £65 within 15 miles of Biggar

Individual Private Lesson* at own yard or home - £65 plus 45p per mile other areas

Series of Private Lessons* at one yard or home - £25 - £45 per person depending on numbers + share mileage

Clinic and Group Lessons* fee depends on location and numbers and duration.

Payment - cash or cheque at the end of the lesson - cancellation fee applies.

* Available regularly in Scotland 'central belt' area eg. around Edinburgh, Biggar, Peebles, West Linton, Lothians and Borders, Fife, Clackmannanshire, Lanarkshire, Peebleshire, around Stirling, Stirlingshire etc. Other areas possible by special arrangement

Practical Lifestyle Makeover

Natural Lifestyle and Ethologically Sound Environments for Horses

Modern livery yards and most domestic stables provide a very different environment from that in which horses evolved. However with a little thought it is possible to adapt common practices to give your horse the most natural lifestyle possible in a domestic setting in so far as is practicable. This not only improves welfare but can have a major effect on improving many aspects of your horses behaviour and making him/her much easier to manage. Call me on 01899 221888 to arrange or a practical 'lifestyle makeover' for your horse! - £250 plus mileage


Call: 01899 221888 Write to: Dr Marsden, PO Box 8776, Biggar, ML12 6WL. Email: mdmequestrian@gmail.com
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